Men's Leather Ratchet Belt

If you’re searching for the best men’s leather ratchet belt well good news your search is over! We have a variety of styles/colors for you to choose from. Most people are unsure of how a ratchet belt functions so let us explain. A ratchet belt, also known as an automatic or click belt. The style of this belt does not employ the traditional peg and holes to keep the belt in place. Instead, the ratchet belt employs a hidden track system sewn into the inside of the belt along with a locking mechanism on the backside of the buckle. Along with a release, lever to loosen or remove the belt.

Most traditional belts employ 5-7 holes with a spacing of 1 inch apart. Now with our ratchet belt, you can simply adjust your belt throughout the day as needed. The tracking system contains 30-40 adjustment notches and allows for increments of 1/4′ at a time. Big lunch? No problem. Belt too tight when you sit down? No problem. No longer the typical worries of a traditional belt which always seems too tight or too loose.

Now you will have the perfect fit every time, no matter the fluctuations of your waist. Additionally, with the belt holes and peg system being eliminated no more unsightly stretched out belt holes. Our men’s leather ratchet belts are made with the highest quality materials for long durability with a perfect fit every time. With a color range of black, tan, brown and white and sizes of 32 inch – 54 inches we are positive there will be a perfect fit and style for all.