Mens Full Grain Leather Belt

Status Leather has a diverse selection of Mens Full Grain Leather Belt options for you to select from.

The distinct difference between Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather the hide of the full-grain has not been sanded or buffed or any other process to remove any imperfections and natural marks on the surface. Full-grain is the strongest and most durable of all leather. The top layer of skin is preserved which allows for breathability and resistance of wear and tear.

Over time full-grain leather builds a character that is known as patina. This is a weathered look that develops as the leather ages. Patina develops from an accumulation of scratches, oils from your hands or other sources, sunlight, wear, etc. giving the effect of a slight sheen with a rich and marble tone. However, heavily treated genuine leather and lesser grades will not develop this character. These are the longest-lasting, and most sought-after belts for a reason.

Here at Status Leather, we are extremely proud of our mens full grain leather belt selections. We want for you to take pleasure in your belt investment for years to come.