Mens Burgundy Leather Belt

When searching for Mens Burgundy Leather Belt, we have a small but statement-making selection for you to add to your collection. Burgundy is a mix between shades of browns and reds with a slight hint of purple. The name originates from vineyards from the Burgundy region of France that produce deep red wines. Burgundy sets a tone of sophistication and seriousness. Known to symbolize ambition, wealth and power.

Burgundy compliments shades of gray, from light gray to charcoal tones. If you’re looking for a bold statement burgundy pair exceptionally well with turquoise, golden yellows, umber, navy blue and green (such as kelly green, emerald green, and sage green). And for our fearless gentlemen burgundy also pairs exquisitely with peach and pink. Truth be told, that burgundy pairs well with just about any color. The above-mentioned colors are just a few of the most adventurous choices. Experiment with colors and hues to find the ones that make your statement best.