Adjustable Leather Belts for Men

Adjustable Leather Belts for Men are designed so you have the control to fit your waistline for your comfort zone. Status Leather Goods offers a variety of stylish adjustable belts from sizes 32-54”. No longer the restriction of having a belt fit to tight or loose with our adjustable belts. Traditional belts have holes located in 1-inch intervals. Adjustable belts can easily be adjusted in increments of ¼ inch intervals. 

So what’s so special about that one might ask. Well, when you’re wearing an adjustable belt and you push away from the table feeling your belt snug around your waist, you too will be thankful you are wearing this belt.  Now instead of sneaking off to another room or embarrassing your spouse by adjusting your peg and hole traditional belt at the table, you can simply touch the lever and your belt will relax in quarter-inch-increments. 

Or if your weight fluctuates, no worries about investing in another belt. No longer worry about stretching or adding a “new” hole to your traditional belt. With an adjustable belt, you will have a perfect fit every time.

Additionally, adjustable belts make the perfect gift for any occasion for any man in your life. The best gift to give that can be used day in and out for years to come. So next time you’re trying to think of a unique gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, Anniversary, no matter the occasion, give him the gift of a lifetime with an adjustable leather belt.