Your accessories, Your story.
Accessories are storytellers, conversation starters so embrace your quirks in this world, individuality is key, let your’s be known. Anyone can jump out of bed and put on the first items they see laying around, however, some individuals will take the time and effort to prepare the items that they will be wearing for the day. Other’s will notice the difference between just throwing something on and the well thought I want to be noticed in this life.
With four season’s in a year there are endless accessories for each season you should have lurking in your closet, a collection that reflects you, and products that will make you memorable. Try adding a hat, sunglasses, tie, scarf, square scarf (don’t leave your pocket empty), watch, belt, briefcase or shoulder bag, and umbrella, sock’s and shoes to your style and listen for the stories to unfold. Dress to impress if even just running errands, let life happen.
So my focus for today will be the belt.
A good leather belt, a must have for every season, each one will last for years to come, hard to argue with a fad that started in the 17th century and will be around for many more to come. Belt’s will complement everything you own, yes they serve more of a key purpose than just holding your pants up. Belts come in many various styles, textures, and widths. But one cannot go wrong with this rule in effect-  Every men’s closet should have 1 black and brown casual belt, and one black and brown dress belt. The age old question if it is necessary for belt’s and shoes to match and with any given research the verdict wins that yes they should.  However there is one rule that can make or break your story, matching your belt and shoes this is a MUST, mixing browns with blacks is off limits. Also, don’t forget if you’re adding a briefcase or shoulder bag make sure these all match as well.
Most pants have loops and they are out there for a reason if, in fact, you want to live on the edge of your seat, that reason is so you can add to your story.